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Princess Sakura and Nakamura Shikan as the Priest Seigen

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Comments - Handsome scene from a kabuki play about the former priest Seigen, whose love for Princess Sakura leads to tragedy. He stands at right, watching the beauty with a distraught expression. Reduced to poverty, his robes are tattered, as is his straw hat. Sakura scowls back at him, lifting her sleeve to hide her face. She wears an elegant outer robe patterned with her namesake cherry blossoms (sakura0, the long sleeves trimmed with bows and tassels. At left, a servant watches the pair suspiciously, a green print apron tied over her kimono and a towel draped over her shoulder. Blossoming cherry trees frame the sky above. An attractive design.

Image Size - 14 3/4" x 30 1/8" + top margin as shown

Condition - This print with excellent detail as shown. Three separate panels. Horizontal and vertical folds. Thinning at edges, a few holes, repaired. Creasing, wrinkling, slight toning, soiling, and rubbing. Please see photos for details.

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