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Mitsutoki Reporting to Tomomori at the Battle of Dan-no-ura, circa 1842 - 1843

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Comments - Terrific Kuniyoshi triptych illustrating the samurai Mitsutoki reporting to Tomomori at the Battle of Dan-no-ura on the deck of the Taira flagship. The warrior kneels at left, gesturing with his hand, his hair blowing wildly around his face, arrows protruding from his armor and littering the deck. Tomomori frowns at the messenger, clutching a naginata in one hand. He wears a gray and white outer robe patterned with the butterfly symbol of the Taira Clan, a golden butterfly adorning the white sash tied around his forehead. The boy Emperor Antoku is held up by his mother, Kenrei-monin, his elderly grandmother Nii no Ama seated before him. The battle against the Minamoto fleet went badly for the Taira, and Tomomori decided to commit suicide by tying himself to an anchor and jumping into the sea rather than be captured. Tomomori's face is shaded with blue to suggest his impending death. A fantastic depiction of a sobering

Image Size - 14 5/8" x 29 5/8" + margin as shown

Condition - This print with excellent detail as shown. Three separate panels. Slight paper remnants on reverse from previous backing. Slight thinning at edges, a few holes, repaired. Slight soiling, a few creases, paper remnants along edges from previous mounting. Please see photos for details.

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